A place of supination

South Coast Sauna House By Aescend Aesthetics

At Solace, we blend modern comfort with ancient practices, to offer a retreat where relaxation takes on a form of art. Whether you seek solitude, respite, or a moment of introspection, Solace beckons you to unwind, recharge, and find solace in the care of our Aescend artisans.

a feeling of emotional comfort

SōLACE. [Sól-is]. 


south coast

Ayurvedic medicine is based on five elements - space, water, earth, fire and air. The combination of which results in three humours (doshas) - vata, kapha and pitta, thought to be responsible for one's psychological, mental and emotional health.

At Solace we customise your experience; matching treatment, anointments, aromatherapy and loose leaf tea to your innate dosha in a holistic rebalancing of the person. Click below to discover your dosha.

What is your innate dosha?


solace is a place of relaxation and supination. A sanctuary in which to seek refuge from the bustle of everyday life.

book today and experience this oasis of calm. 

Perspirate while enjoying the health ameliorating effects of infrared sauna and light therapy (read more below). Increase body temperature and blood flow while boosting collagen and overall health.


Supinate while experiencing one of our unique health rituals. Take a moment to recline in our space or while enjoying one of transformative body therapies including massage, scrubs and ayurveda. 


Reinvigorate mind, body and spirit with one of our unique services including Japanese head spa treatments, gua sha, neo-lifting facials and accutherapy.


Collate your own ritual. Design your own experience from a selection of products and tools for purchase in-haus or at-home. Customise your own scrubs, oils, aromatherapy and tea.


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A place of supination

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